Attempting to restore Windows Mail information from OneCare backup



I have a OneCare service request number but they were unable to help with
this other than verifying that my backup was restoring properly to my
system. However, I cannot load those restored emails and contacts back into
Windows Mail (on Vista).

My service request number is: 1084319985

The number the OneCare customer service agent gave me does not seem to have
anyone answering it: (800) 892-5234

Is there an easy way to get these restored files back into Windows Mail once
they have been restored to the Vista file system?


Charles McDonald


Ok, looks like I just answered my own question.

I was also confused about OutLook Express vs. Windows Mail in Vista.

When I selected Windows Mail 7 from the Import list the import worked pretty
well. Though it looks like I'll need to go through it to see what exactly

Now, when I clicked on Help About, it did not say Windows Mail 7 and I saw
my version number was 6.0.6000.16386 and I presumed Outlook Express 6.

Seems like this confusion is common and could be cleared up by a more
visible indication of which version Windows Mail really is, like indicating
7 somewhere in the Help About screen.



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