Attachments not coming through!



We have both MS mail clients in our office - OE 6.0 and Outlook 2003.
If one of our employees sends an email to a group of people in our
office only 2 or 3 recieve the email w/ the attachment...the rest only
receive the email (no attachment). It's very random. I've disable
AVG antivirus, the windodws firewall, and everything else I can think
of that would block the attachments (even in the OE properties for not
blocking attachments). It's only a small .XLS file that is being
attached. When the people who don't receive the attachment in the
email there is no notification that the attachment was's
just not there!

Has anyone ran into this problem...or something similar?

any help appreciated!



neo [mvp outlook]

The Microsoft Outlook users need to verify the following....

1) Set message format to plain text or html (see tools > options > mail

2) Verify that "internet format" is set to convert to html (see tools >
options > mail format > internet format)

3) If the e-mail names are coming from the contacts folder, go to contact
record in question and open it. double click on the e-mail addres. verify
that it is set to let outlook decide

4) you may have to disable using word 2003 as the e-mail editor

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