Attachment Line in Sent Messages



The user cannot see the Attachments line below the subject line when she
prints a sent message. The attachment line does display when the sent
message is viewed online, but the Attachment line will not print when she
prints the message. All other portions of the sent message do print, i.e.
From, Sent, To, Subject, and even the actual message, but the Attachment line
does not display when the sent e-mail is printed. It makes it difficult for
this user to track attachments she has sent when she prints out a hard copy.
This is the only installation at our site with this problems. Other users do
see the attachment line when printing e-mails. Any advice out there?


Andreas Roeder

HI Judy,
if you want to print out your attachments, please use the Text Format
EDIT | Edit Message | Format | Plain Text

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