How do I print an email showing an attachment



In Outlook or Outlook Express - How do I print an email showing an attachment?

I am trying to print an email which will show me THE NAME OF AN ATTACHMENT
that is linked to my email. I dont want to print the attachment, I can do
that.. When I view an email on the screen, it has a line for Name then one
for Date, the for To, then for Subject. If I have an attachment it is shown
as the line under that (with the name of the attachment in it)..

It is that Line that I would like to appear on my email print.... At
present, when i print it just shows FROM, SENT and TO lines. I would like to
see that ATTACHMENT Line - And if possible the SUBJECT LINE as well?

If its not possible to do it - Why isn't it.. what do I have to do to get
Microsoft to make a change so that it can ?

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