attaching a NT4 stand alone server into a Win2k server AD test environment


Mike Smith

Hi everyone,

I have to set up a test environment for an Exchange upgrade that looks just
like our production environment. The trouble is trying to attach NT4 servers
to a domain that is already Win2000 AD. The error is always "the domain
controller for this domain cannot be contacted". I can see why, ofcourse,
but is there ANY way to bring an old stand-alone nt4server into my test
environment? The main controller has to have the current
SAM/users/computers/etc- so it has to start as Win2k Server with AD.

Any help is very appreciated,

Mike Smith

Yor Suiris

DNS, Win2k AD Uses DNS for everything. You should have a Dynamic Win2K DNS
server setup for your Win2k AD (not to be confused with internet DNS
servers). Make sure the NT machines are using the Win2k DNS server for your

Mike Smith

Yeah, and that's the funny thing. my win2k DC is the DNS server. and it's
just the two boxes with no connections outside to the internet, just to
eachother. i can nslookup both boxes correctly, from both boxes- so i know
DNS is functioning. I just can't get the NT4 box to attach to the domain,
like it doesn't recognize the Win2k box as the DC.

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