ATI TV Wonder 650 and Macrovision



I've successfully installed by TV Wonder 650 tuner on my computer, but I
cannot schedule a recording session of any NASCAR race, nor any other
program, because my Catalyst Media Center gives me the error "this content is
protected by Macrovision and cannot be recorded". Is there any way around
this? It's too bad, because it has excellent picture quality, just cannot
record any TV show.

I am contemplating running this card back to Best Buy and picking up a
"Hauppauge! - WinTV-PVR 150", but am not aware if their software is protected
in the same way. If any one can provide some direction to me, I would
greatly appreciate it.

Have a great day!

V Green


You will no doubt get a bunch of "What does this
have to do with Windows XP!!" non-answers from the
groupies here and no help at all on where to go / what
to do. Just ignore them - that's what they do when they
don't know the answer to the question.

Here's a couple suggestions - repost this in


join the forums at and ask there too.

Good luck.


I take it youve installed the ati video capture software
if so thier is another/better way of going about that...First,forget the
simply install the drivers for the card & the other needed for the card
but do
not install the recording software,you might need to on the cdrom
in my
computer,select open,the decoder,doa,driver i think is all you need.Download
windows media encoder 9 series + its utilities,the WMCAP works great for
viewing the video,the encoder will also.Once saved,run it thru encoder
audio video".Also,if the 650 is also display adapter,try advanced search at
the 737 option type:20767 get the drivers & "control-panel",replaced by

John Marion

Hauppauge software has never given me a Macrovision warning. But maybe I
haven't tried to record anything with Macrovision.


I can record using Nero and Cyberlink, but not Catalyst Media Center. I got
a response back from ATI stating (and I quote) "Our software has Macrovision
protection, however not all 3rd party applications have that protection put
in place."

This didn't happen with their Multimedia Center when I had an HDTV tuner. I
guess I can just continue to use Nero to record TV shows. It just doesn't
seem right to market this TV Wonder 650 without making reference to this
fact. I will be having a talk with them later on this morning when I get
home from work, since it states right on the box that I can "record your
favorite TV shows and movies to DVD".

I will repost once I talk to an actual person over at ATI.

I do understand your process as depicted below and I certainly appreciate it.


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