ASUS Vivobook S500CA 15.6 inch Ultrabook


Mar 25, 2003
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Legit Reviews have recently taken a look at the ASUS Vivobook S500CA 15.6 inch Ultrabook which features a Windows 8 friendly touch screen:

"'Stylish metallic design on a touchscreen Ultrabook' is the catch phrase for the latest Ultrabook series from ASUS. The ASUS Vivobook S500CA features some of the latest technologies out there today. At the heart of the Vivobook S500CA is the latest and greatest Intel 'Ivy Bridge' processors, our particular model has the Intel Core i5-3317U dual core processor. Though up to a Intel Core i7-3517U can be installed as an option, or there is also the options for more budget friendly processors in the Intel Core i3 series and ULV Pentium and Celeron processors depending on your need. As I said, our Vivobook has the Intel Core i5-3317U dual core processor, but beyond the 'Ivy Bridge' processor there is no shortage of goodies to cover. Before we get to far into the features of the ASUS Vivobook S500CA, I want to touch on price. I wouldn't have guessed the price of the Vivobook S500CA from the specifications, based on the specs I would have guessed in the realm of $900-$1000 for it. I can happily say I was wrong (I won't admit to that often so mark this one down) and the ASUS Vivobook S500CA is available for only $699!

If you have had a chance to play with the latest Windows 8 operating system you have no doubt come to the same conclusion that I have, it is best experienced with a touch screen. The ASUS Vivobook S500CA is up to the challenge of providing you with the best Windows 8 experience possible. The S500CA features a 15.6" touch screen that features an all-glass panel. By all glass, they mean edge to edge, or virtually bezel-less. This allows for a smooth transition from outside the touch panel to the touch sensitive area, making gesturing much easier and smoother.

To keep the budget friendly price of only $699 ASUS did have to make a couple of concessions when choosing what parts to use. I don't mean they used low quality parts, then it wouldn't be an ASUS. What I mean is they used quality parts on a budget. Instead of using exclusively SSD's for the storage system, the ASUS Vivobook S500CA uses a hard drive plus a small 24GB SSD for limited Caching purposes."

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