Asus Update Questions


Mox 13

After using the Asus Update Utility to update my BIOS I have noticed that
the utility seems to run everytime I boot my PC. The only reason that I know
this is by looking at the frequency of use in Add/Remove Programs. Is this
normal? Also does the utility place a Setup.exe on your C drive. I seem to
have one there that I don't recall seeing before.


Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
P 4, 2.66GHz 533MHz
2 x 256 Corsair XMS 3500
Asylum FX 5900 128MB
WD 60 GB Main Drive
Maxtor 160 GB Storage
Sony CD\RW
Unidyne CD\RW
Win XP Pro
420 Watt PSU




How do you order a mobo chip from ASUS.
I can't find anything on there website for this.


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