Asset tracking design problem using MS Access 2007



I'm trying to set up a database to keep track of company equipment. We are
surveyors and so use: theodolites, tripods, prisms, cameras, and numerous
other equipment. I want to set up a system whereby people can take kit out of
the storeroom and then sign it out using an MS Access form. They can sign kit
back in when they return (or take more kit out..). I have a table with staff
information (ID, name, position...) then separate tables for theodolites,
tripods, and other equipment. I am having trouble trying to decide the best
way to relate things, and I am not sure if perhaps I need a junction table
between the staff and the kit to represent a physical location change (ie.
from the storeroom to a staff member). None of the MS templates quite fit
this scenario, but I can't believe that this isn't the sort of thing that
1000's of companies must utilize all the time!


perhaps I need a junction table between the staff and the kit
AssetIssue --
AssetIssueID - autonumber - primary key
AssetID - Number - Long Integer - foreign key
StaffID - Number - Long Integer - foreign key
DateOut - DateTime - Default - Now()
DateIn - DateTime
EstReturn - DateTime
IssueBy - Number - Long Integer - foreign key

Create one-to-many relationships between Staff and AssetIssue & Asset and
AssetIssue, selecting Referential Integerity and Cascade Update options.

Use a form/subform for Staff/Issue with combo to select item for issue.
Maybe use available criteria on combo source query for only items with all
issue records having DateIn.

NOTE - Maybe add Calibration and Repair as a Staff member for when items is
sent to CAL or RPR.

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