2.0 app using .net 1.1 library


Srikanth Anumalla


I have an 2.0 app using .net 1.1 library (say xxx.dll). When
the version dependecy for the .net 1.1 library (xxx.dll) is determined
by the runtime, does it look for machine.config inside 2.0 config or
1.1 config?

Any info is appreciated.
Thank you


Juan T. Llibre

!> does it look for machine.config inside 2.0 config or 1.1 config?

An ASP.NET 2.0 application can *only* use the 2.0 configuration files.

If you have an ASP.NET 2.0 application which has the server's root application
configured for 1.1, you will get web/machine.config configuration conflicts if any
of the .Net Framework 1.1 version's configurable parameters don't exist in 2.0.

Is your library a custom library ?
Can you re-compile the library under 2.0 ?

You should be able to run the 1.1 library on 2.0 without compatibility problems,
anyway, unless you're calling routines which don't exist any more in 2.0.

What is the specific problem you're encountering ?
Are you getting error messages ?

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Cowboy \(Gregory A. Beamer\)

Adding to what Juan posted:
If you have a compiled assembly in 1.1 and you use it in a 2.0 application,
it is being run under 2.0. And, this will work in most cases, as stated. The
most dangerous area is XML, as that is where the greatest work was from 1.1
to 2.0. There are a few other areas.

If this truly has to be 1.1 and your app is 2.0, you need to create a
service to access the 1.1 code. Without a boundary, it will run under 2.0
and break.

Gregory A. Beamer

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