Ask and Ref Fields



I am trying to create a legal pleading template and I want to have ask fields
for defendant name, Case number, etc. Can I do this using Ask and Ref fields?
And if I can, how do I automate it so that every time I open that template it
asks for the pertinent information? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Charles Kenyon

See the tutorial at but
also consider using a UserForm which would be much more gentle to your
users. You may also
want to look into what Word calls an "online form." Check this in help. For
more about online forms, follow the links at or especially Dian
Chapman's series of articles. You may also want to look at

Recent transfer from Word Perfect land?

Hope this helps,

Charles Kenyon

Word New User FAQ & Web Directory:

Intermediate User's Guide to Microsoft Word (supplemented version of
Microsoft's Legal Users' Guide)

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