How to auto-update REF fields if related ASK field bookmark is upd



Have setup ASK fields and related REF fields with corresponding bookmarks.
When the ASK field is updated and bookmark contents are changed, I find that
the REF field values do not automatically update except if updated
individually. Is there a way to make the REF fields automatically change
when the bookmark changes without using macros? The Microsoft command,
UPDATEFIELDS seems to work but you must first highlight the document to
include all of the REF fields. Auto-updates of REF fields would seem to be a
typical application without resorting to macros in order to correct errors,
template changes, etc.

Any suggestions?

Stefan Blom

Well, Word has a built-in option to update fields on print, but it may not be
what you want, since it also triggers an update of the ASK field itself.

Instead, you can switch to Print Preview and back (by pressing Ctrl+F2
twice); this will force an update of REF fields (and certain other fields,
such as SEQ fields).

A third option is to use a macro that updates the REF fields. This can be
done in several different ways. Personally I'd prefer to update the fields
prior to printing the document, for example, by intercepting the FilePrint
and FilePrintDefault commands. Put these macros in an add-in, or in

Sub FilePrint()
Application.PrintPreview = True
End Sub

Sub FilePrintDefault()
Application.PrintPreview = True


End Sub

For assistance, see

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