"As the meeting organizer, you do not need to respond tothe meeting"


Ricci Horchar

Good Afternoon. I am new to this so please forgive me if I am doing this incorrectly. I was searching for an answer to a problem and found the exact problem listed here but with no answer. I am enclosing it below. Does anyone have an answer?

here is the problem:

As the Meeting Organizer... - MarkVandenber - Reply
17-Nov-06 02:21:03

I have an employee that gets the odd meeting request from other employees,
when he tries to ACCEPT, it gives him the error:

"As the meeting organizer, you do not need to respond to the meeting"

He did not initiate this meeting. I recently upgraded his notebook and he
still gets these error messages on the new notebook.

I have searched for answers, but haven't found anything, he does have a Palm
Treo 650 sync'ing on this machine if that has anything to do with it.

Any information is appreciated.


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