Are Vista betas successfull on Macs?



Hello. Though I missed the beta 2 download, I am sure that Microsoft will
have a beta 3 before vista actually launches. Using the Vista Upgrade
Advisior, it told me that the only computer in my house that has enough
horsepower to fun Vista at all is my Macbook Pro (that also currently runs
bootcamp) I was just wondering if anyone has had a successfull installation
of Vista Beta 2 on a Mac. (The upgrade advisor also said all my drivers
except for my Wi-Fi are ok for Vista, and that the driver for Wi-Fi can be
downloaded from Microsoft Update after the installation, so drivers aren't a
problem.) Thanks.



Colin Barnhorst

The Upgrade Advisor is itself beta.

Yes, drivers are a problem. Apple will need to do Mac drivers for Vista as
they have already done for XP SP2.

I have a MacBook Pro and strongly recommend against using BootCamp to
install Vista until after Leopard releases. BootCamp and the Mac drivers
for XP are all beta as well.

There will not be a Beta 3. There will be an RC1 in about a month. Rtm is
in four months and General Public Availability is in six.

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