Application not closing with mouse click???


Faraz A. Qureshi

I don't know why but during the last few weeks my Excel has started to react
strangely while being closed / shut down. Most probably due to some very
common option / checkbox being used.

When I click the Larger "X" button on the Upper Right corner, instead of
closing the application only the current worksheet closes. In other words,
even if a single file is opened and even if no work is performed, when I
press the "X" button, the application instead of closing down completely
closes only the blank sheet workbook?

Your help shall be appreciated.




This sounds like you have 2007. In 2007, if you have a "Personal.xlsb" file
that's been set as a hidden window, it's still seeing this workbook as 'Open'
and so, Excel doesn't close. To bypass having to click the 'X' twice, just
click the MS Office Icon in the upper left corner and select "Exit Excel."


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