Application Log Error Need Advice Please


Joe C.

Greetings Everyone,
I keep getting a repeated error in my event viewer, under
applications log that reads the following:

Computer:SERVER Source: WinMgmt Event:41
Description: WMI ADAP was unable to create object index
920 for Performance Libriary WINS because no value was
found in the 009 subkey.

Computer:SERVER Source:WinMgmt Event: 41
Description: WMI ADAP was unable to create object index
23868 for Performance Libriary W3SVC because no value was
found in the 009 subkey.

Can anyone please help and suggest what my next course of
action should be? Humble and Grateful with many thanks in

Joe C.

Daniel Chang [MSFT]

How to Troubleshoot WinMgmt-Based Performance Counter Errors.;en-us;266416

Daniel Chang
Server Setup Team

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