Append Query problem


Damon Heron

I have an append query that takes data from two tables, Orders & Order
Details, and puts the data into the Inventory Transactions table. The query
INSERT INTO [Inventory Transactions] ( ProductID, LocationID, TransDate,
OrderID, UnitsReceived )
SELECT [Order Details].ProductID, [New Location ID], Orders.ShipDate, [Order
Details].OrderID, [Order Details].Quantity
FROM Orders INNER JOIN [Order Details] ON Orders.OrderID=[Order
WHERE (([Order Details].OrderID)=Forms![Print Bill of Lading]!OrderID);

The problem is the [New Location ID], which doesn't exist in any of the
SELECT tables, so I get an "Enter Parameter value" box where the user has to
enter the Location ID. This works, but I would like the user to select the
location prior to running the append query and eliminate the Enter Parameter
Value box. Any ideas how I would do this? I have tried putting it in the
where condition, but that doesn't work....

Thanks for any suggestions,


Damon Heron

Never mind.... figured it out - I just need to refer to the form textbox
instead of [New Location ID]


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