Unable to append due to key violations



I'm stuck.

I have two tables - an orders table (Orders) and a invoices table
(InvoicesFirst). They are setup as a 1 to many relationship...sharing
OrderID. They each have their own primary key - OrderID and InvoiceID
respectively...both assigned to autonumber.

I'm trying to append data from tables (Student Records) and (Orders)
as well as data returned by a module into the Invoices table. When I
run the query in datasheet mode to test - the query returns the
information correctly. But when I actually try to run the append query
- I'm getting "unable to append due to key violations" for all the

I can't figure it out - as I'm not seeing any duplication, etc. with
the keys. I think the problem is coming from trying to append the
OrderID from the Orders table to the InvoicesFirst table - as when I
removed that - it was able to append. But I obviously need that
information to append - as that is what will tie the two tables
(Orders and Invoices) together.

Here is the Query:

INSERT INTO InvoicesFirst ( OrderID, StudentID, StudentFirst,
StudentLast, Grade, Dismissal, EarlyBird, Discount, ProgramFullAmount,
EarlyBirdTriDue, ExtendedDayTriDue, FirstDiscountTri,
FirstTriAmountDue )
SELECT Orders.OrderID, Orders.StudentID, Student_Records.SFirstName,
Student_Records.SLastName, Student_Records.Grade,
Student_Records.Dismissal, Student_Records.EarlyBird,
Student_Records.Discount, FormatCurrency(PrintFirstTri([Dismissal],
[Grade],[EarlyBird],[Discount])) AS ProgramFullAmount,
[Discount])) AS EarlyBirdTriDue,
[Discount])) AS ExtendedDayTriDue,
[Discount])) AS FirstDiscountTri,
[Discount])) AS FirstTriAmountDue
FROM Student_Records INNER JOIN Orders ON
WHERE (((Orders.SchoolYear)=[Forms]![frmNewYear]![txtSchoolYear]));

Any help would be appreciated..I've been stuck on this for almost 2

Jeff Boyce

Have you run a "duplicates" query to look for duplicate primary key values?


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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