AP authenticating to via IAS configured as a RADIUS server



I have configired a D-lin AP as a Radius Client whcih talks to a Windows
2003 IAS configured as a RADIUS server. I have got IAS registered in Active
Directory for authentication.

When a Windows XP client tries to establish a wireless connecion, it is
presented with the authentication box to key in the credentials. But it does
not authentoicate the conncton request. Instead after a couple of seconds,
"Click here to selct a certificate or other credentials..." comes up on the
task bar.

Nothing comes up in the Event Viewer. But on the AP log carries an entry

Do I need to install RRAS as well?

Thanks heaps


Samir Jain [MSFT]

No you don't need RRAS in this case and just running IAS is sufficient to
act as RADIUS server.

Please post this in microsoft.public.internet.radius forum to debug your
particular problem.

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