Any recommendations for dropdown menu product?


Sam Bryan

I'd like to redo a site using dropdown menus in FP 2003.

When I go to FP help for "dropfown menus" there are a couple of 3rd party companies referenced. (for DHTML menus). I see there are a lot of companies that provide software to generate code for DHTML menus.

I'd like for it to be a FP add-in that could hyperlink to my FP pages by clicking on them the way other hyperlinks are done with FP and I'd like to have at least 3 levels of nesting and would prefer some control over appearance (color, font, etc). Price is not a big consideration.

Does anyone have an DHTML Menu generator package to recommend?

Many thanks. -- Sam




Could take alook at - and their "Xara Menu Maker",
not certain if it's fully Add-In capable with FP though..... I used
it when I had FP'98,
but havn't had an occasion to use it yet with FP2003, I should check n
but certainly effective and easy to use program.


You will need the latest version of Xara Menu Maker - earlier versions
are not compatible with FP2003.

The drop down menu system described at will do multi level
menus, but is not an addin and does not use the FrontPage navigation
view. However, it does use nested lists which makes making links and a
menu structure easy.

I use this menu at

See for
more about lists in navigation
for information regarding nested lists in navigation.

Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
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