AntiSpyware hang up



While running a scan when the program came to a registry
entry titled ALTNET it slows down , expands virtual memory
then finally ends with a run time error. I tried to
delete the registry entry with regedit but was told it had
an error deleting the key. What can I do next?

Andre Da Costa

From Plun:

Have you done any scans in safe mode ? Do that,
choose fullscan with all options checked.

Also fill your "toolbox" with these tools to make this cleaning

- Download/Install CCleaner,, remove all
temporarily junk

- Download/Install Lavasofts Adaware

All scans then in safe mode, press F8 during reboot.
Extended64 |
Blog |
FAQ for MS AntiSpy

Bill Sanderson

The issue is that the threat has changed permissions on the registry key
such that the current user can't do what's needed.

Take ownership of the registry key, or use a third-party utility that has
figured this one out--I'd go for the major antivirus vendors, myself, but I
don't have a recommendation I know works for this one.

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