anti spyware detects, indicates it works, does not



The Microsoft antispyware keeps detecting and indicating
it has dealt with a couple of Internet Explorer "bugs"
yet they persist. They are rdspclips.exe\00002c70.exe
as well as A0005640.exe, NTRoothtH and they or the
underlying offender (Downloader-RT)? have taken over the
browser. McAfee also detects this virus, yet cannot
delete or quarantine it. I repeatedly run the Microsoft
Antispyware- it finds them says it has dealt with them,
and yet. The offending virus came aboard earlier today I
believe from a web page.



Bill Sanderson

Please restart in Safe mode and do full scans with both McAfee and Microsoft

You may find that there are performance issues if you try to do both scans
at the same time--I'd be interested in your experience.

If the initial scan of either product finds and cleans something, please
re-scan until you get a clean scan from both products.

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