another question on printing invoices.


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Thanks to a suggestion here, I was able to graph out the spaces on
the invoices properly, but I ran into another snag, here's the situation:

I am tryinhg to figure out a way to print invoices from an excell
The invoices are pre-formated with fields and logos and are on continuous
that is fed into a dot matrix impact printer. It's NCR paper, an original
two copies.

The rows of the spread sheet contain the data that needs to be in the
Each row has customer information, ie, name, address, item bought, price
per unit, number of units, sales tax, and total due.

The spreadsheet contains about a thousand customers.

On any given day, up to 40 or so, are invoiced.

I made a "print" spreadsheet in the same workbook
and linked the cells to the "data" worksheet. I made
a place in the "data" worksheet to put the data I want
to print..
The "print data" area on the data worksheet is just a
row into which I put the data for the first invoice to
print. On the linked worksheet that data then
appears in the linked cells and the first invoice prints.

This is what I did: in the print from sheet, in the space where the
customer name
goes, i used the equel sign, and then went into the data
sheet, and clicked on the cell with the cumstomer name on
it, and then that customer name appears in the print sheet, but, and here's
the problem,
When i go to do the second one, and copy the data into
the "print area" on the data sheet, on the print sheet
I get an ref error. If I enter the data in manually
i don't get the error.

What I want to do is copy the data from the rows in the data
worksheet into the "print area" in that worksheet, and
then print from the linked worksheet. This way, all I would
have to do is copy each row I need an invoice for, into
the "print row", go to the print sheet and print it, etc.

Is there a way to reference a cell in a second
worksheet, in the same workbook, into which you
can copy data without getting the ref error in the
first sheet?

Sorry this is so long!

any ideas much appreciated.




PY & Associates

Glad you "graphed out the spaces properly".

We automated similar operation almost exactly as you described, without
error, except we copied info to the same page as the print page. Data and
print image were on separate pages only as instructed by our client.

Would you try putting the print area in the same page as your data?




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