Annoying pop up.



I keep getting this message box on my computer:
Powered by SupportSoft
You are not currently logged into your computer as an Administrator. This
installer requires that the user be logged in as an Administrator. Please
out and log back in as an Administrator, and then restart the installer."
I need to know how to make it not pop up no more.

I'm user with administrator privileges.

What is trying to install????
How to stop this annoying pop up usually appearing when closing Windows Mail


Not Me

It may be that you need to right click the install file and select 'run as
Older programs not designed for Vista might not want to install even with
the Vista 'administrator' login type.


Do you have Verizon DSL? I had the SupportSoft folder under program files
and it's related to the Verizon DSL Help & Support application, which sits in
the taskbar tray when installed. I unistalled it with no problems. Verizon
DSL installs a lot of software, all of which is useless and not required and
some of it is buggy.

You can log on to Verizon DSL and the mail server using Window's own
internal applications through the network connections and e-mail accounts,
all you really need is a username and password. For help you can use the
Verizon DSL website.

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