ANN: San Diego .NET User Group July 22 meeting, and SIZZLING summer lineup


Brian Loesgen



Please join us for the July 22nd meeting of the San Diego .NET User Group!

These are exciting times at the San Diego .NET User Group. We've started
the process of becoming a 501c3 organization, we're moving to a much larger
venue, we're launching SIGs, and SO much more!

You want speakers? Do we have speakers! This summer SIZZLES with the most
powerful lineup we've ever hosted:

· July 22: Ken Getz, renowned author, frequent presenter at
world-class events

· Aug 26: Rob Howard, Microsoft ASP.NET team, renowned author,
frequent presenter at world-class events

· Sept 23: Paul Sheriff, renowned author, frequent presenter at
world-class events

Did we say WORLD CLASS? These speakers are all highly sought-after gurus
that you'd normally have to attend a major conference to see, but they're
all coming to the San Diego .NET User Group. This is just one more example
why you need to belong to our user group.

In order to fund all the exciting events we have planned and the larger
facilities, we are now charging membership dues. The tax-deductible annual
membership of $50 entitles you to attend our 11 annual meetings (works out
to less than the cost of the pizza alone!) as well as our SIG meetings. If
you want to try us out, you can get into a single meeting for $10 at the
door, and if you decide to join within 30 days we will credit your $10
towards the annual membership. Sometime during the week of July 14th, we
will be starting to accept membership signups through our Web site. In
addition, you can pay at the door (by cash or check only).

At our July 22nd meeting, we will as usual have lots of lavish prizes to
give away. In celebration of our re-launch, we'll also be giving away a
couple of copies of Visual Studio .NET Professional, thanks to our friends
at Microsoft. You must be present to win, and we hope to see you there!

Stay tuned for exciting new developments over the next few months. See why
San Diego .NET User Group is the premiere resource for local professionals
interested in .NET.


Tuesday, July 22, 2003

6:00 pm for pizza and networking
6:30 pm for the meeting


Scripps Miramar Ranch Library
10301 Scripps Lake Drive
San Diego, CA 92131

Map Link:!6$FF!G020&rfrr=-6600&&zz=1058144440544&


The tax-deductible annual membership of $50 entitles you to attend 11 annual
meetings (works out to less than the cost of the pizza alone!). If you want
to try us out, you can get into a single meeting for $10 at the door, and if
you decide to join within 30 days we will credit your $10 towards the annual

Miscellaneous Details

· Meetings are the 4th Tuesday of each month if you want to set up a
recurring meeting in your calendar.

· Group web site is at for more
information or to add yourself to our mailing list.

· Please forward this invitation to others who may be interested.




The next San Diego .Net User Group meeting is July 22, 2003 at our NEW

Scripps Ranch Library

10301 Scripps Lake Drive

San Diego, CA 92131-1026

This is the Launch for the newly reorganized San Diego Dot Net User Group.
Please join us at 6:00 pm for pizza and networking. The meeting starts at
6:30 pm.

This facility is large enough to accommodate our growing membership. A
chair for everyone! No more "Standing Room Only." In addition to the
meeting room, the facility includes a nice outdoor courtyard for serving
refreshments (pizza!), networking, mingling, schmoozing, etc.

Meetings cost $10 for non-members but are free to all members. Membership
is a tax deductible $50 donation for one year and free attendance to eleven

In celebration of the grand re-launch of the San Diego Dot Net User Group,
look for lots of prizes to appear at the traditional end-of-meeting drawing
at the July 22 meeting!


The scheduled guest speaker for the July 22 meeting is Ken Getz, who will be
doing his TechEd presentation on the just-released Visual Studio Tools for
Office. Microsoft has provided programmable Office applications for ten
years, but you haven't been able to react to Office applications' events
using managed code, until now. With the recent release of Visual Studio
Tools for Office, you can react to events of Word 2003 and Excel 2003 using
VB.NET or C#, and can create seamless Office applications in Word and Excel
without touching VBA. This session demonstrates how you can take advantage
of Word and Excel with managed code, digs into the Word and Excel object
models, and shows how to interact with menus and controls on Word and Excel
documents. In addition, you'll learn how to manage the deployment issues
involved during the development process, and how to work around the
differences between programming Office in VB.NET and in C#. This is more
than VBA on steroids, this is a powerful tool .NET developers now have to
create rich applications and smart clients.

Look for the schedule of upcoming speakers and topics on the website at

Free samples of CoDe magazine are available at the meetings. Free samples
of PRO magazine will continue to be available on an irregular basis.
INETA and San Diego Dot Net User Group members may receive a year
subscription to PRO, plus two free additional issues, for $19.99.
See the banner on the SDDNUG website (

Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference (PDC) is being held in L.A.
October 27 - 31.

The SDDNUG steering committee continues to meet regularly on the third
Tuesday evening of every month at the Microsoft office. If you are
interested in helping to organize this group, please volunteer and attend.

Job Openings:

Private Practice Technologies is adding a Internet Software development
position. Nitin Sonawane is on the development team. Contact Aubrey
Casterson ([email protected]) or Nitin
([email protected]).

Last Month's Guest Speaker:

Jeffery Hasan ([email protected], talked about On-Line
Analytical Processing (OLAP) reporting solutions with ASP.NET. OLAP works
to transform relational data into multi-dimensional data structures called
"cubes" or "hyper cubes". These cubes are designed to support additional
'complex' relationships between key data elements that are not needed during
transaction processing. Cubes are the principal objects in OLAP and
represent a subset of a data from the data warehouse. Pre-calculated
summary data called aggregations, allow users to view the relationships of
the key data elements. Constructing a HOLAP or MOLAP cube pre-compiles
[WjS1] views of the data. Cubes, support data mining with a specialized
query language: Multi-dimensional Data Expressions (MDX). Complex query
results are rapidly retrieved from the cube's pre-defined aggregations.

Cube data can be displayed in multiple different tools. Jeff's
demonstrations included Microsoft Excel pivot tables and a browser-based
OLAP reporting solution.

Tips & Tricks:

· Cubes are built around key data elements such as Time or Region

· Work with your client to define standard reports before looking at
data mining with cubes

· Data mining allows you to determine complex relationships that are
buried within your transactional database - these relationships can be
referenced from within other applications

· Pivot Tables can be adjusted on the fly and allow for complex

· Pivot Tables are designed for Power Users, be prepared to create
several 'standard' reports for most of your clients

· Microsoft Analysis Server is separate from SQL Server and does not
need to run on the same server as your transaction database.

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