ANN: PlusSuite - a new control suite for Microsoft .Net Framework


Iulian Ionescu

Olvio IT released their first UI library including a wide variety of
controls and components for the Microsoft .Net Framework and Visual Studio

Currently there is a promotion in place until May 25th, where just by
testing the product you are eligible to win 1 full license with 1 year free
In addition you can also download 2 products offered for free:

-PlusPad 1.0 (an advanced PAD file editor, generator and validator) -
-Olvio.Ecommerce 1.0 (a free class library to integrate your page with the
Authorize.Net payment gateway) -

To download the trial beta test version of PlusSuite go here:

The software industry begins to acknowledge more and more the strong
influence brought by the Microsoft .Net Framework in all aspects of
programming. The new development IDE provided by Visual Studio enhances the
ability of the programmers to author their products in a fast and easy

PlusSuite was designed to match these models and therefore it was written
for the .Net Framework and streamlined to take advantage of all the rich
features provided by Visual Studio.

The controls and components included in PlusSuite are fully tested under
various conditions and they proved being stable, solid and secure. In this
beta test release 1.0, PlusSuite contains 17 main controls and components
and as well as other reusable classes and tools. To mention some of the most
important controls available in this release:

-PlusListBox : one of the most advanced .Net list box control available on
the market;
-PlusComboBox : combining the strength of PlusListBox with the extensible
DropDownBase class;
-PlusShortcutBar : a powerful command bar control;
-PopupPanel : highly customizable notification panel;

To mention just a few of PlusSuite's awesome features:

-Easy to deploy - Visual Designers, Dynamic Help and Visual Studio
integrated SDK make deployment as easy as 1, 2, 3;
-Extensibility - You can extend the PlusSuite control classes and add your
own custom features;
-Flexibility - PlusSuite is not a "closed" assembly, it allows you to use
it's feature where and how you need them;
-Great Support - Knowledgebase, a full Class Library, Samples and Demos
together with the online helpdesk make this product a highly supported
-Trial - You can try our controls before you buying them with full features

We appreciate your attention and help,


Olvio IT, Inc.

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