ANN: Contour Components Releases ContourCube 3.0



December 15, 2005
Contour Components Releases ContourCube 3.0

Contour Components is happy to announce the official release of the new
version 3.0 if its flagship OLAP component ContourCube.

About ContourCube
Add Business Intelligence functionality to your applications.
ContourCube brings embeddable interactive reporting, data analysis and
information delivery technology to Windows and web-based business and
statistical solutions. It lets user interact with data: slice and dice,
pivot, drill down and roll up with sub-second response times and without
additional OLAP server. ContourCube offers rich palette of
business-oriented functions, powerful and easy formula language, and a
range of new reporting techniques with innovative approach to report

To allow developers create complex solutions, combining Windows and web
applications, and for COM programmers to save money on moving to .NET,
ContourCube 3.0 is shipped as a single package, which includes 3 editions:

* ContourCube .NET for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and 2005
* ContourCube ActiveX for all ActiveX-enabled environments
* ContourCube VCL for Borland C++ Builder 6.0

ContourCube .NET is new since version 3. Due to the special
optimization, the .NET component works fast as the other editions.
ContourCube ActiveX and VCL have been drastically improved. As of
version 3.0, Contour Components extensively fills up ContourCube with
Business Intelligence experience.

ContourCube 3.0 is the OLAP component for real business solutions. The
new version has acquired customer expertise of using Contour Business
Intelligence in businesses throughout the world. Its features bring high
value to the applications and increase their productivity in corporate
reporting and statistics.

What's New in ContourCube 3.0

* VS 2005 enabled .NET edition. In addition to the existing ActiveX
and VCL, Visual Studio 2005 enabled .NET edition is now available
* Wrapping long strings. Programmatic control of the report width
* Date arithmetics for sophisticated date-aware business calculations
* Trend functions. Enhanced cumulative and trend calculations.
* Flat appearance for web applications
* XP style look & feel. Support of Windows XP themes.
* Wrapping outside area. Display of outside fields in multiple rows
or vertically.
* Dynamic captions. Making cube fields behave as list boxes.
* Clipboard copy. Nice and seamless selection with mouse and keyboard.
* Direct data loading. Universal data feeder interface.

Learn more on ContourCube 3.0 at

Special Time-Limited Price Offer

In the season of winter sales, Contour Components offers 30% discount on
purchase of ContourCube 3.0. This offer is limited and expires on
January 31, 2006.

Download ContourCube 3.0 from and enjoy!
Buy ContourCube 3.0 now at

Free Upgrade for Eligible Users

As it was previously announced, customers purchased ContourCube 2.0
beyond August 27, 2005, are eligible for the free upgrade to the new
version. Contour Components invites such clients to post upgrade
requests to (e-mail address removed), mentioning their license key
and billing name.

Three Levels of Customer Support

As of this release, Contour Components introduces 3-level technical
support service. This will allow customers to choose optimal support for
their needs, based on the project size, time frame and developer skills.
In tour, Contour Components intends to increase the speed and quality of
service for highest customer satisfaction.

Learn more on Contour Components Support at

Contour Components team


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