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Windows XP Pro SP3
Word 2003 SP3/Office 2003 SP3
I scanned in a document w/ OmniPage15 and saved the document into a *.doc
format. Now, I have an "anchor symbol" on the far left side of the page(s)
and I have absolutely NO idea on how to remove the symbol. When I've
copied/pasted some portions of the document I don't get the "anchor symbol"
nor the shaded background. The document is only black text and white
background - no color. I can see the paragraph symbol at the very top left
of the first page which can be relocated via the mouse when I move the left
margins. But I just need to remove the "anchor symbol". FWIW, the anchor
symbol appears about 2/3rds down the left side of the page...left of the
left-margin on the actual text.
So, how DO I remove the "anchor symbol" from the page(s)????
PS: MS Word Help didn't seem to give any help here!


It shows that some sort of graphic (maybe a text box?) is "anchored"
to the page.

Does turning off Show Non-Printing Characters work?

Suzanne S. Barnhill

As grammatim states, the anchor is beside the paragraph to which some
floating object is anchored. The anchor will not print. If you don't want
the object floating (wrapped), you can select the object in question and
format it as In Line With Text.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA


1) I simply want to totally REMOVE the "anchor character" as it's causing
serious formatting issues in how the pages are to be layed out.
2) It doesn't print but I can see it on the far left. Again, I just need to
remove it.
3) I have removed ALL graphics in the document but it would appear from the
responses that I can 'see' the remaining graphics. It appears that every
time I attempt to delete it that it 'reappears' which gives me the impression
that I'm not doing something right (this sentence may not be totally correct
as I did the work yesterday and I've tried several things!). Whenever I
select the paragraph symbol at the top far left of page 1 it highlights a
'thin' column which includes the "anchor character" about 2/3rds down page 1.
4) I don't understand the "In Line in Text" comment....
Again, TIA!!


Sounds like you've got some stuff left over in a Header that you
thought you deleted everything from. Was there, maybe, a Watermark at
some point in the history of the document?.


The anchor symbol means something is anchored to a particular spot on a
page. It will not 'float' with changing text. You cannot delete the
symbol. You have to edit the formatting of whatever is anchored and
un-anchor it. It could be any number of elements in the document: A
graphic, a table, a text box, etc.

The symbol will disappear when you change the formatting of whatever is

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Try this.

1. Place the insertion point at the beginning of the paragraph beside which
the anchor symbol appears. Press Enter. This will insert a new empty

2. Click wherever you have to click to make the anchor symbol appear. Drag
it to be beside the empty paragraph (if you can).

3. Delete the empty paragraph. This should also delete the anchored graphic.

If you are unable to move the anchor in step 2, then it is locked to the
given paragraph. So proceed as follows:

1. Create a new empty paragraph as before.

2. Carefully select the text of the paragraph beside which the anchor
appears, excluding the paragraph mark, and drag it into the empty paragraph.

3. Delete the (now empty) paragraph beside which the anchor appears.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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