an unexpected error has occurred



I have recently started to receive an error when sending an email message.
"an unexpected error has occurred"

I have not been able to send any messages since yesterday, on this pc. I
have tried the Microsoft Diagnostics and also run the repair feature on
Add/Remove programs for Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

K. Orland

Have you watched the send/receive progress to view if there are any errors?
If there are any, please post them in their entirety. Please include your
version of Outlook. Also, check your application event viewer for any Outlook
or Office-related errors. If there are any, post the eventID and source.


Thank you for responding.

I have MSOffice Outlook 2003 SP3 for Studens and Teachers.

It occures when I hit the send button. It does not get far enough to into
the e-mailing process to generate the send/receive.

I logged off and let someone else sign in. They were able to e-mail.

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