An error occured registering the form in the OLE registry




Recently the server that has our exchange server was upgraded from NT4
to Windows 2000 Server because of this all of our Organisational Forms
had to be saved in another destination and then put back on once we
had done the upgrade. We have now put the first form on Holiday
Request Form, we are having problems with people who are not
adminstrators in that they get the message:

"The form you selected could not be displayed. An error occured
registering the form in the OLE registry"

I have read the KB 320835-and appreciate this is a solution however
this would mean going to nearly every individual machine in the
company, there are around 90. Does anyone know of a better way to do
this, we have thought of creating a policy to install the forms or
give them access to modify that area of the registry, but do not know
how to do it.

We are using Windows 2000 Server and exchange 2000, problems occuring
on 2000 + XP machines.

Any help would be much appreciated




The easiest way we have found to do this is to go over the network,
through windows explorer, select their networked PC name

then type next to that \C$, and if you are a network administrator you
can get into there C: drive and apply the changes like said in the
article 320835. Without leaving your seat.

Not great but it'll do!

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