AMD TK-53 mobile



Bought daughter's old Compaq laptop to use as a video server. Compaq
Presario F500. Even after killing most all processes I can, still get a
little hesitation on occasion. Win Vista Home Premium, 1GM RAM and
above processor running at 1.6Ghz. Athlon 64 x2 dual core.

After looking at the price of S1 socket processors, they are more than I
paid for the machine! WAAAAAY more.

Wouldn't mind wasting up to a hundred bucks to try and improve it, but
anything over the TK-53 runs about 300! Ugh.

Looking for a cheap used website to check out, or ideas. Everything
I've read on video says RAM isn't a big factor, but did buy another gig
for the heck of it.

Have checked Compaq's website to see what the top processor for this
model is, and the above is it. So also wondering if a faster processor
would even benefit me.

Hulu and Netflix tend to play just fine, it's CBS's site that seems to
stutter. Know the above processor it about minimum according to
Playon's website, so before I junk the machine would like to explore
some of the above.



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