AM Radio Interference



I am trying to record from an "all-in-one" audio system
(CD, tape, am/fm radio in one unit). Have the cable from
the headphone jack on the unit to the line-in on the PC
and am getting an AM radio station through both sets of
speakers (radio and PC). I cannot tell if the cd-burner
is picking up the conversation, but it appears to be. It
wouldn't be so bad, but the station really stinks - can
anyone sugggest a remedy - blowing the tower is not an




Sounds like you are living close to the AM tower.
You could ask the station to take care of your problem,
as per FCC regulations they are at fault when creating
interference for you.
But, go to radio shack and find a few small "ferrite-
cores" look like tiny donuts. at home loop your audio
cables through these ferrite-donuts. That will stop any
and all RF radiation from getting into your cables...

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