Am I gaining space or loosing files?




I have two drives in a W2k box. Each is its own NTFS partition.

Old NTFS partition is olddrive. It consumes 14GB in files and
directoies prior moving these 10GB to newdrive.

New NTFS partition is newdrive: It consumes 4GB for folders and files
from olddrive

Where happened to the 10GB during the move?

There is no compression and no fragmentation on both drives.



The block size on the older drive could have been set to
4K and the new drive might have it set to 1K. The ratio
being 4 to 1, or, the old drive had a block size of 16K
and the new one has a block size of 4K. This means that if
you write a one byte file to disk, it will take a minimum
of <block size>. Lots of little files will cost you alot
of wasted space depending on block size.

How many files did you have on olddrive?

just a thought!

Mark Zbikowski \(MSFT\)

There are some disk data structures that NTFS uses that are
NOT reduced in size when files are deleted. Notably:
The MFT (basically a table of all the files on disk)
The USN Journal (a log of changes). This may or may not be present

Fragmentation may also contribute to this loss of size.

Run CHKDSK and see what the summary table says.

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