allow ms to monitor user activities or be denies access



Is there a way to disable "monitor user activities on this computer"
without denying my access to use the computer I purchased?
Issue explained below.

Is there a registry entry that can be added/deleted/modified to address
this issue?
Any help resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Tracey
I have just re-installed Windows 2000 and applied the critical updates.
I have also re-installed Zone Alarm (firewall).
I will eventually get a warning message from Zone Alarm (shortly after
launching the applicable program):
"{Windows Explorer/Internet Explorer/Outlook Express} is attempting to
monitor user activities on this computer.
If allowed it may track or log keystrokes (user input), mouse
movements/clicks, web sites visited and other user behaviors."

Via the firewall options, I can Allow, Permanently Deny, or Deny for the
Current Session.

If I deny this activity, I will shortly there after be denied access to
(most/all) programs and documents even when logged on as the Administrator.




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