allow insert rows = false for only some of the worksheet




Lets say I have a file with data in 400 rows. I do not want to allow users
to delete OR INSERT rows from 1 - 200. But from row 201 on they can do both.

I have half of this figured out. I've locked cells 1 - 200 in an unused
column before protecting. Users cannot delete these rows, but it does not
keep them from adding new rows.

I want full access to edit the data, so I cannot lock the cells in 1 - 200.

Thank you in advance!



Roger Govier

Hi Bill

You could have a hidden column with an array formula entered in rows 1:200
In the name box, just above column A, type X1:X200 and press ENTER
That will select the range of cells
In the formula bar type anything you like, but perhaps
="Don't Delete"
and hold down Control+Shift as you press Enter
This will create an array formula, and Excel will prevent the insertion or
deletion of any row within this array.
Hide column X

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