Akai MPK25 (MIDI USB CONTROL SURFACE) doenst seen to recognize myDAW or Computer




Need help. I just purchase a AKAI MPK25 that I want to use as a Midi
controller for the different parameters and virtual instruments that
come in the Sonar SV-100 package. However, the software doesnt seen to
be talking to the MPK25. Am i missing a driver somewhere? the MPK25
has a preset to use it right away with sonar sv-100 but it doesnt seen
to work..

(*) I am connecting the MPK25 directly to my computer via USB. I have
started Sonar with all the devices connected. However, the MPk25
doesnt show listed in the MIDI devices in the sonar MIDI window
(*) I also checked a couple of different USB cable just for kicks, and
nothing. The MPK25 is getting powered up by my computer so, I am not
thinking is the cable.
(*) I swapped the current USB port I am using for my Sonar Studio V100
since I know is a known good port, with the MPK25, but no connection
shown- (MPK25 is getting powered up as well).
(*) So, the only things I can think of it maybe either the unit itself
or my computer.
(*) tried the unit and it is working fine in another computer. SO I am
left with a driver/computer problem
(*) The MPK25 (USB controller) doesn't come with utilities (Drivers).
The only things coming in the box are the unit, the usb cable and two
cds. One cd contains Ableton live lite and the second one, presets for
DAW and some type of software to save presets (i forgot the name of
this software).
(*) Regarding midi messages coming to my computer, I would say no
based on the fact that the software that came with the machine MPK25,
has an auto sense and could not find it. It also doesnt show in the
midi in/out port.
(*) I also did another experiment. I installed Ablenton live lite and
try to use this DAW as an stand-alone with it. I was not able to find
the device either in the pull down menu of control surface or midi
instrument controllers.
- I also hit the add control menu item for control surfaces
availability. The MPK25 is not listed.

ANy genius mind, Please drop me some light.


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