After Print Migrator 3.1 then what


keith Alexander

Simple question

I have read loads and loads re using Print Migrator 3.1 to move the printers
from one server to another but then what?
Our next step is to do the same on the clients

i.e the old print server is an NT4 Chunter Box now the printers are going to
be on a W2K server
so all the abusers need there client printers redirected

What do I use for that, info on the web seems very thin other than a
previous pointer in this group to a commercial app called printmig

any pointers to other appropriate pages or tools would be greatly



There is no app which remotely can redirect clients to another printserver
if the UNC name is different (well, DNS would do the trick if you what to go
there). You need run a small script on the computer locally either as part
of the login script or by hand. Here is a link where you can use a of the
shelf script to change the printserver on the clients:
Other variants of the topic exists but it is pretty much the same basic

Hope this can clear the skies!


keith Alexander

I will certainly give that a try thanks
it looks just like it will do exactly what I was rambling on about


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