My system meets the requirements for Aero, but when I try to update my
Windows Experience Score it never updates the graphics past a 1. I have
tried a Radeon 1650 w/512 MB of RAM on the card as well as a Radeon 9600xt
Pro with 256 MB of RAM on the card. The rest of the system is as follows:
AMD XP 2600 Barton edition, Abit NF7-S v.2 motherboard, 1.5 GB of Kingston
PC3200 RAM, WD 80 GB SATA 300 hard drive. Under the Performance Information
Tool it says that new hardware has been added and has an option to rescan. I
rescan and the score never changes, and the alert informing me that new
hardware has been added stays there. I have deleted the WinSat scores and
scanned again with no success, the same applies. Thanks for any help!



Joseph Conway [MSFT]

You have to make sure you are using a Windows Aero driver (so, the WDDM
Catalyst driver).

Once that driver is installed (it should say WDDM next to it), then rescan
the WEI and you'll score better than a 1.0.

Joseph W. Conway, MCSE
Windows Server Group

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