Advice please on cloning a fresh Dell laptop drive to include Dell restore and utiiltiy partions



Thank you.
I have a new Dell 5160 and would like to clone the included 20Gb drive to a 60gb drive with xp home.
I have :
1) another XP computer
2)a usb2.0 2.5" box which works fine
3)Partition magic 84)Drive image 7
5)a reasonable technical background.
Partial Success:
I partitioned the 60GB drive to 2 main active NTFS partitions, c (17gb) and D (40 gb). I copied all the files directly from the Dell c drive to new C. It booted fine and windows installed.
I was able to copy the files from the Dell utility drive (31.2Mb) and the Dell restore drive (3gb) to hidden partitions I created using Drive image.
The problem is as follows:
1)Partition magic shows the restore drive as concurrent DOS/Cmos and I have no idea how to do this so it is bootable using F12
2)Same deal for the dell utility drive.
Should be a snap if you what you are doing, but I don't. Any ideas vastly appreciated.

Miss Perspicacia Tick

teacher said:
If it helps here is a screen shot of the info from partition magic
regarding the original drive from dell when hooked up externally:

No, it doesn't. In fact, messages with attachments are very likely to be
pulled as this group is plain text (so are HTML messages, by the way). By
posting messages with attachments (or, as you have done, embedding the
image) you are vastly reducing your chances of receiving assistance.

Also, posting with a real email address is also pretty silly. I hope, for
your sake, that address is either a throw-away, or you have a system like
Fort Knox. If you receive any messages, purporting to be from MS, with
attachments, I hope you have the common sense to delete them.

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