adprep /forestprep error


Nov 11, 2007
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1 x Win2000 DC Server
25 x XP Pro Workstations
Single Domain
NO Exchange

I need to replace the existing 2000 DC and have a new 2003 server I want add and promote as DC

When running adprep /forestprep I get the following error:

"There is a schema conflict with Exchange 2000. The schema is not upgraded."

Fair enough, it's a common problem and normally easily resolved, however there are no exchange services on the domain.

No MX records in DNS
Active Directory looks clean
I have run InetOrgPersonPrevent but there are no exchange records to update
I Checked ldap and found no entries re exchange and no mangled records.

So why am I getting this error? Exchange has never been installed on this network and probably never will be yet I am still getting an Exchange error and can not get adprep to complete.

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