ADODB.Recordset from Datatable problem in VB.Net 2005

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Screaming Eagles 101

Not sure in which group to post, sorry...

We are using VB2005 on Windows XP.

After getting my data in a datatable and parse it to a recordset according
to the method on ,
which learned us to convert an ADO.Net datatable to an ADODB.Recordset,
needed by the Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Web Component (OWC11),
we got an error on the checking of a TIME column.

The valuekind of the column, which gives us the error
"A first chance exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in
is of type "System.TimeSpan".
In the datatable we see the values as for example "09:40:45", but
transferred to the recordset,
I get that awful error on each value, and as a result my time column in the
OWC is empty.

Adding a statement
Case "System.TimeSpan"
Return ADODB.DataTypeEnum.adDate
in the TranslateType Function on the mentionned link
does not resolve anything, even if the type is indeed a System.TimeSpan...

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