VBNET2005 : Manipulating MS Access tabledefinitions in VB.NET -> Create, Copy and Drop Table.

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I have an Access MDB database with a Table1.
From VBNET I would like to CREATE a NEW table, which is a copy of Table1,
but not with the Data, only the definition.
I would also like to have the possibility to DROP a table in that Database.

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Do some searches in the comp.databases.ms-access newsgroup for "create
tables." After you have some sample code just add a reference to access
and .Net and you should be set.


Seth Rowe

Michel Posseth [MCP]

Access as database backend is considered obsolete , so i guess that ADOX
is never going to be ported to ADO.NET

so i guess you only have 2 options

option 1

Set a reference to Adox and use it with COM interop to manipulate an Access

option 2

Use DDL SQL on a command object


Michel Posseth [MCP]

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