ADMT Question


Tom Dams


We are planning to migrate our domain from NT4 to w2k3. Our company
has several remote WAN sites, which will not be migrated all on the
same weekend, but it will take some months...
Users need data from everywhere on several sites. this is my

I have tested ADMT, i transfer the users (incl SID) from NT4 to AD.
When i do some tests, i can reach data on the NT4 domain when logged
on to AD.
I Can not access data on the new W2k3 domain, when i am logged on to
the old NT4 domain with an NT4 account. This is annoying, because,
some "not yet migrated" users would like to access data on migrated

I can resolve this, by adding the "NT4 group" to the W2k3 permissions
on the new domain, but this will cause some extra work. I tought that
ADMT could als resolve this problem, so that i only needed to add w2k3
permissions on the new domain.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just by design.

Thanks in Advance


This is by design.
When a user account is migrated a new object is created and gets a SID, when
using ADMT to migrate with SID history basically that new account has its
SID and the SID from, in your case, the NT4 domain. So when this user
attempts to access resources, as always, he will need permissions either for
his new SID or for the NT SID.
The ADMT changes nothing on the NT accounts in the source domain.

Generally the users are moved before the data so during the data transition
there is no limitations.

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