Administrator denies access to cd/dvd rom



I just loaded windows Vista Business upgrade to an Acer Power PH desktop.
After installation was complete I tried to install a second app. and received
a restriction message "admin denies access to cd/dvd rom drive".

Device manager indicates the the drive is operational

I accessed properties/securities to verify ownership; it dispalyed "you do
not have permission to view this object's security properties". Under
current owner "unable to display current owner". When I attempt to transfer
ownership to my admin account I received "unable to set new owner, access
denied". I created a second admin acount and it changed nothing.

Under grp. policy folders/ removeable storage; both cd/dvd read and write
are not configured.

Any suggestions?


No, explorer will display there is a cd present; however it indicates there
is 0 data available.


Problem resolved. The original equipment manufacturer's installed management
system was not compatible with Vista. An upgrade was required.


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