Administrator account



Have had similar problems to others, whereby i lost my
floppy and CD access coz i wasnt the administrator, yet i
AM, and am only user of PC. Read through various
suggestions here - ctrl-alt-del x 2 gave me screen to log
on to administrator account, allowed me to assign it a
password, yet still denied me access to log on. Then
tried logging on in Safe Mode. Found my account and
administrators account. Both are in the 'administrators'
group. Created another new guest account to see if
anything changed. When logging back into normal mode, my
old account has disappeared from the welcome screen and
only newly created 'guest' account (which is empty of
most files and programs) appears. I can now only access
my original account through ctrl-alt-del x 2.
XP came pre-installed so I cant even start again.
I am finding this SO frustrating. I just want control of
my own computer. Can anyone help? Thanks



Mandy Shaw

If XP was pre-installed, did the suppliers not ship CDs with the system to
allow you to re-install Windows as well as the relevant device drivers and
any preinstalled applications such as MS Office? I have never been shipped a
pre-installed system that didn't have CDs along with it, and in my
experience (Gateway and Dell) they've always worked pretty well. I would
have thought that the relevant OEM agreements between the PC manufacturer
and Microsoft (etc.) would have included a requirement to ship software

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