Administrator account is locking out


Felix Ponce

On a Domain Administrator account is locking out
constantly no matter that I unlocked. As soon I click OK
to close the properties of the Account when I opened back
is already locked.
I already set the password account lockout threshold to 0
invalid logon attend but still locked out.

Any fix?

Stefan Buchman

You probably have a Service that uses that account for logon or some
other process that is using that account. Change the logon name of the
account and see what happens.

Ultimately you should find out what is attempting to log on with that

- Stefan


Ouch, been there got the t-shirt

Its going to be a detective process to track down which service you used the
administrator account in, i recomend a seperate service account with
relevant access rights to get round this.

Now a tip to track down the screwed service is to rename the administrator
account, call it admin instead, just rename it, then unlock it. The screwed
service will no longer be able to lock out the account because the names no
longer match. Now all you have to do is find the service and fix it.



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