Je suis l'administrateur de mon ordinateur et démarre toujours toutes mes
sessions en tant que tel. Seulement Vista ne me laisse pas le contrôle total
de l'ordinateur. Par exemple: J'essaye de supprimer ou d'ouvrir un dossier
particulier mais Vista m'informe que je ne dispose pas de l'autorisation
nécessaire. Comment puis-je régler ce problème? Merci

I'm the administrator of my computer et start my session everytime as an
administrator. Exept that vista does not let me have a total control of the
computer. For example: I try to delete or to open a particular folder but
vista informs me that I don't posess the autorisation. How can I fix this
problem? Thank you


Hi Brink, Thanks for replying
Well, I have tried to apply your solution but it doesn't work neither
The folder i'm trying to eliminate is a folder that has been created after a
reboot of my computer. Vista called it "Windows.old". I have succeed to
suppress some files inside but some other reccurent files not. The computer
says I need an autorisation for it. How could I take ownership of those

Actually, I have an other problem I'm working on it. Look, The computer
tells me my hard disc is full at about 30%. But, as a matter of fact, there
is just 15 procent occupied. I have used "tune up utilities 2007"on it and on
a global analyse, it tells me that the harddisc is full at 30 procent. But if
I make thorough analyse, it tells me that 15 procent of the harddisc are
used. So even the program sees the contradiction. What can I do to fix this

Thank you

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