Addressbook in Outlook 2000 ?



I just migrated from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000 and miss the
Addressbook on the same line as Reply, Reply to all etc. I had it there in
OE. How can I add that in Outlook 2000?

I looked under Help but found there no way to do that.

Also, is there a way to have under the common folders shown in Outlook also
the SENT folder shown?

Again, I had that in OE and liked it much better than now having to click on
Other Folders and then again click on Sent. Seems that the much simpler OE
had some things going for it that I miss in Outlook 2000.

But maybe someone has an answer to this.



Pat Garard

G'Day Ritter,

I no longer use Outlook 2000, but I am sure that we can resolve
your issues - its not that different....

First - a better view:
a. View>Toolbars>Advanced to see the Advanced toolbar
b. View>Outlook Bar to REMOVE the Outlook bar...
c. View>Folder List ...and replace it.....

Second - the Address Book:
Use the Contacts folder for this.
In the Folder List, Right-Click "Contacts"
Click "Properties"
Click on the "Outlook Address Book" tab
"Show this folder as an e-mail Address book"
(ensure that the box is

Now, every Contact with an e-mail address will be available from
the "To:" Button in a new e-mail. You may also select a bunch of
contacts (while viewing Contacts) and "drag" them onto the "Inbox"
folder in the Folder List.
When you "drop", a new e-mail window will open with their
addresses already in the "To:" box.

Third - Sent Items:
In the Folder List, you will see the "Sent Items" folder that
will usually have a copy of everything you send.
If it doesn't:
Tools>Options>E-mail Options (button)
make sure the "Save copies of.....Sent Items folder" is checked.

Have a Great Christmas!


G'day Pat and thanks.
Coming a long way all the way from Aussieland! I know it well, having been
in Sidney, Melbourne and Geelong a number of times.

I shall try your suggestions but wanted to say thanks first. Have a nice
Christmas too.



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