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I am running Access 2003 and I need to total up a field on a report. It is a
sales and inventory database. I have two fields amongst many. One field is
called "Quantity" and the other is called "Price". I have both fields in the
"Detail" section of the report and in the "Item Footer" I have a Sum field
that adds up the quantity and in the Report Footer I have a grand total field
that sums up the total quantity (these two sum fields were created by the
wizard). I am not too worried about the quantity sum, what I really want is
to Sum all of the money made, example if I have 10 rows with a total quantity
of 1 for each row and a price of 1 dollar for each row, I would like to have
a field in the "Item Footer" that totals the total for each item and a grand
total in the Report footer.

Two questions:
1. How do I get this to work
2. Do know of any web page that explains in detail the best way to create a
Sales/Inventory database?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Al Campagna

Using the query behind your report, and using the query design grid, add
a calculated column like this...
LineTotal : Price * Quantity
LineTotal is now a bound field, and can be placed on the report to show
the line totals, and can be added up in ANY group or report footer with...
Al Campagna
Microsoft Access MVP

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you are the man!

Thanks a million I didn't know about the CCur function.


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