Adding Copy Protect To "WMA" Files


Mr. Jay Rose

Hi, To The Great People Out There In Microsoft Corp.,

I have a question, I've riped more then 350 music - audio
CD's (Aprox. 3,300 Tracks) from my CD Collection to my
computer using "Windows Media Player Series 9", they are
in the "WMA format -192Kbps", but I did not slected the
copy protect feature (in, tools, options, copy music tab)
before copeing those files, So my question is, I want to
add copy protect to thos files how do I do it without
having to rip and copy over all thos CD's (All the CD's I
copied, the tracks had no ID3 Tag info., or any other of
that kind, and no info was availble on the internet trough
CDDB, So I had to type in manually all the track, and
artist - album artist, genre, and other info. so doing
this again is really a lot of work, could you tell me if
there is a way to add the copy protect feature to all the
existing WMA files,

Thanks A Million

Corey Gouker [MVP]

Just curious why you'd want to? Copy protection makes it more difficult to move the music to any of your other or new machines. Most people usually turn copy protection off. For more info on the Digital Rights Management check out
Corey Gouker
Microsoft MVP and Associate Expert
Windows Media/Media Center Edition

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